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Everything you need to know about the beautiful subcontinent

From the dawn of history India, that is Bharat has been revered as mother of all civilizations. Thousands of years ago, when most of the world was in pre-historic era, the people of India lived in advance culture and knowledge. Before the Mayans of Mexico developed their imperial state, or the powerful kingdoms of Persia conquered Babylon, before the Pharos of Egypt constructed great pyramids, before Alexander the great defeated the army of Darious and expanded his sovergnity over the known World , before the supremacy of might of Roman empire, or the before imperial dynasties of China built the Forbidden city, INDIA in all its splendor risen to greatness and glory, indeed India has become an incredible legend in her own time.

As the first rays of morning Sun falls on India, her thousands of temples come alive. As the devout arrive for daily prayers, Temple priests begin to perform various rites of purification and meditation to purify and elevate their consciousness. India’s People and culture strives to live in eternity. The Vedas are among the known earliest scriptures of humankind, and the source of India’s spiritual and cultural heritage.

At first glance the multifaceted culture of Vedas is foreign and fascinating mystery to the western world. Yet upon deeper examination, we discover wealth of philosophical, cultural, and social values. India is renowned the world over the practice of YOGA which increases one’s mental and physical strength. However this is only a fraction of what Vedas can offer to a progressive global community.

India’s culinary, arts, music, medicine and other sciences are only becoming known to the west. Conceivably the world’s oldest holistic design system the “Vaastu Shastra” predates and inspires the popular Chinese system “feng suoi”. The design of ones’ own house, temple has been proven to exert a considerable influence on one’s well being. The Vaastu Shastra offers practical architectural guidelines.

This style of sacred architecture has been implemented in India’s temples for thousands of years. The sculptures adorn these temples reflect the development and accomplishments Of man’s old civilizations. They depict the struggles, success, and failures of the Men who made them the center of their lives. The sophisticated Vedic sciences of Astronomy, Astrology, Cosmology, and Metaphysics profoundly influenced the Greeks, Babylonians and even the contemporary scientists with their unparallel knowledge. Ancient Vedic sages presented precise calculations millennium before Galileo, Copernicus and Einstein.

For centuries Indian artists drawn from their rich reservoirs of spiritual ideas and intuitions expressed in their work on Indian Temples. Inspired by their faith they have created detailed images pertaining to good and evil, divine incarnations.

A window to the World of Transcendence. Among many forms in which man expressed his perceptions, music perhaps the most universal among the countries of this Planet. India is perhaps unique in nurturing distinct style of classical style. Music is considered vital in promoting mental Peace.

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