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Human being by nature is innately peaceful and adventurous.

In today ‘s busy world man because of stressful life & lifestyle loosing mental peace and happiness. When he is not at peace with himself, he will conflict with himself and with those he is in contact in day to life, which will eventually have negative impact on the society at large, and groups of such individuals become a community and such communities become a state or province and finally a nation. When a nation which does not have collective peace and cosmic consciousness, will contribute to global unrest and wars.

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Glorious Bharat

Why India?

From the dawn of history India, that is Bharat has been revered as mother of all civilizations. Thousands of years ago, when most of the world was in pre-historic era, the people of India lived in advance culture and knowledge.

Before the Mayans of Mexico developed their imperial state, or the powerful kingdoms of Persia conquered Babylon, before the Pharos of Egypt constructed great pyramids, before Alexander the great defeated the army of Darious and expanded his sovergnity over the known World , before the supremacy of might of Roman empire, or the before imperial dynasties of China built the Forbidden city, INDIA in all its splendour risen to greatness and glory, indeed India has become an incredible legend in her own time.

Unforgettable Travel Experiences In Incredible India

Giving Back

Corporate Social Responsibility

We can make a significant contribution to the betterment of the society with every small gesture of kindness & gratitude.

While we reap the benefits of this beautiful planet, It is but only our humane responsibility to be giving and nurturing towards both the nature and the society for a well balanced life.

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