The pursuit of peace

We promote meaningful tours, which are culturally enriching, architecturally fascinating, physically invigorating and spiritually stimulating.

The spirit of adventure

India is one of the 12 mega diversity areas in world, in terms of animals and birds.

Fascinating India

Travel with us in india, a window to the World of Transcendence.

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Inner Peace & Cultural Enrichment

Human being by nature is innately peaceful and adventurous.

In today‘s busy world, man, because of stressful life & lifestyle is loosing mental peace and happiness. As he is not at peace with himself, he will conflict with himself and with those whom he is in contact in day to life, which will eventually have negative impact on the society at large, and groups of such individuals become a community and such communities become a state or province and finally a nation.

When a nation which does not have collective peace & consciousness, it will contribute to global unrest and wars.

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