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Human being by nature is peaceful and adventurous. But in Today’s world he or she has confined adventurous activities for going to office by driving car in crowded roads, like’ trekking’ in shopping malls in between the car drives etc,. Because of this sedentary lifestyle we are forgetting to enjoy the real life out there to explore.

Man because of this stressful life loosing mental peace and happiness. As he is not at peace with himself he will be in conflict with himself and with those whom he is in contact in day to life, which will eventually have negative impact on the society at large, and groups of such individuals become a community and such communities become a state or province and finally a nation. When a nation which does not have collective peace & consciousness, will contribute to global unrest and wars.

Unless every individual is peaceful internally, he or she cannot contribute for external peace. Once internal peace is attained by an individual, he will be a catalyst in creating external peace by dealing with fellow human beings rather calmly and kindly. This will have a cascading effect finally on the whole community.

Once communities achieve collective peace, the state will have peace. If the nation lives in peace, its citizens can contribute for Global Peace. But for achieving internal peace at individual level from stressed and harrowed life, One needs to take time off for retreating into peaceful environs that this Beautiful Planet offers. Be it in India, Asia, Africa, South East Asia, or South America or the entire planet. If a person travels he will become a better person and better human being and in fact can become a Global Citizen. He will be in perfect consonance with the ancient sanskrit saying “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”, which means ‘the whole world is one family’.
It is on this preamble and philosophy that we at "Kosmos & Cultures" conduct our tours to various destinations of this amazing planet , though we take pride in promoting INDIA as special destination as we are India based Tour Company.

We promote soft adventures to all. All you need to have is "the spirit of adventure" and be young at heart, as age does not really matter to seek solace in peace and happiness.

We promote meaningful tours, which are culturally enriching, archtitecturally fascinating, physically invigorating and spiritually stimulating. With our offices in Bangalore and Associates all over the world we are better poised, and with vast and extensive product knowledge based on wealth of practical experience spanning over decades, the destinations we promote are well researched before we present to our esteemed guests.

COME, DISCOVER THE WORLD WITH “Kosmos & Cultures”. We welcome you to the world of “Kosmos & Cultures”.

Yours Sincerely,
Team Kosmos & Cultures.

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